Hypnosis Assisted Healing

We are committed to furthering research and awareness around the efficacy of hypnosis and brief therapies
to create lasting change and emotional relief in people’s lives.


Hypnosis is a powerful, yet often misunderstood force that can provide individuals with deep insight and the ability to change ingrained behaviors in a rapid and lasting way.

Our goal is to increase awareness around how hypnosis assisted psychotherapy is best practiced, and conduct qualitative and quantitative research around its efficacy, with the hope of seeing the HAH modality be more commonly applied in therapeutic settings. 

What We Do


We provide certify ciruclum and trainings that conform with hypnosis best-practices and efficacy with an emphasize on client wellbeing and maximum impact.


Identifying applications of Hypnosis Assisted Psychotherapy for a variety of presenting cases and diagnoses, with the aim of basing practices on empirical research.


Increasing awareness about Hypnosis Assisted Healing in the general public and amongst mental health professionals, to create better opportunities for accessing it.

Latest Articles

A Hybrid Approach to Healing

A Hybrid Approach to Healing

One of the best ways we’ve come up with to explain what hypnosis-assisted healing is, is that it’s a hybrid of hypnosis and therapy. (and, as usual, I’ll remind you that I’m not a licensed therapist) We aim to bring the best of both worlds and combine them into a...

Regression Hypnosis: An Academic Review

Regression Hypnosis: An Academic Review

Introduction: What is Regression Hypnosis? Regression hypnosis is a technique in which the patient enters an altered state of consciousness. Once the individual is in this altered state, the therapist can reintroduce them to the desired event or experience from their...