Hypnosis is a powerful, yet often misunderstood force that can provide individuals with deep insight and the ability to change ingrained behaviors in a rapid and lasting way. 

Hypnosis can come in a variety of forms, from stage hypnosis to hypnotist-led interventions. Our aim is to increase awareness around hypnosis’ application in a clinical setting.

Drawing inspiration from innovative programs around Psychedelic and Ketamine assisted therapies, Hypnosis Assisted Psychotherapy aims to drive more research and awareness to the power of conducting psychotherapy sessions within the confines, the Set and Setting, as it were of hypnotic trance states. 

Hypnosis Assisted Therapy has several advantages, when compard to Psychedleic Assisted Therapy or Ketamine Assisted Therapies. It can work for people:

  • Who are concerned about psychedelic substances
  • Who are preparing for Psychedelic treatment and would like to prepare themselves emotionally for the process
  • Who are limited by government regulations around psychedelic substances
  • Who cannot afford costly psychedelic or Ketamine treatments

Our goal is to increase awareness around how hypnosis assisted psychotherapy is best practiced, and conduct qualitative and quantitave research around its efficacy, with the hope of seeing the HAP modality be more commonly applied in therapeutic settings.